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5 Marzo

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Campaign to Assist the Children’s Hospital of Kyiv


Russian nuclear warheads are ready. On 24/02 Putin declared explicitly in his speech that he intends to dominate by an Imperial Dictatorship. Where do we stand in the face of a conflict that threats the very existence of humanity as we know it?

Nowadays we have the historical opportunity to represent ourselves and give our support, circumventing political barriers.

In Ukraine a battle is raging not only for life, but for the future of us all. We can not leave them alone in this.

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In this very moment in Kyiv, the epicenter of the war, kids are dying, and there is a Children’s Hospital that is doing everything it can to save their lives. They are working in the middle of the most cruel battle, amidst missiles and bombs, trying to save lives. We have the opportunity to help them to save lives.

Who are we

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My name is Nazar Bodnarchuk. For those who don’t know, I am Ukrainian, born and raised. Since the first day I am following and suffering all the horrible things that are happening with this war, but after a few days crying and being sad, I woke up and I asked myself, what can I do? How can I help directly?

In Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, and the epicenter of the war, there is the Ohmadtyd Children’s Hospital. With my friends from Ukraine, we organized a fundraiser to assist this hospital, which is the largest in Ukraine.

You can donate directly via Zelle ( or with Bitcoin.
If you have any questions I am open to answering them. All of the processes are documented and shared on this page as well as my Instagram and Twitter (nazbodna)

Please help us donate and share this cause with others. In Ukraine, a battle is being fought not only for life but for the future of us all. We cannot leave them alone in this.
My heart is in Ukraine, and I trust yours is with Ukraine as well.

Thank you.


Contacts in Europe:

Contacts in Ukraine:

Whats needed

How to help

In the Ohmatdyt Children’s Hospital, as they show in their social networks, they still need assistance to cover basic needs, since the majority of the humanitarian aid is destined to refugees and lower risk zones. However, we still can send them funds directly via cryptocurrency so they can negotiate available local resources, so we can still collaborate via the following means:

For those in the USA:

For those in Europe:
Please send the funds to Maryana Polovchuk:

  • Banco Sabadell, España:
    ES68 0081 0193 8800 0203 6213

Maryana will then send the funds to our Binance account.

For those in Argentina, please see the Spanish version of this page

How will they manage the funds in Ukraine

Funds from Zelle and Coinbase will be transferred to our Binance account, from which we will convert all currencies to USDT, then we will transfer the funds to Oryslava via Binance Pay.
These are Oryslava Binance addresses

They will use the USDT to exchange it for local currency directly from the local banking system (doable with Binance.UE). Then they will transfer the funds to the Hospital, whose representatives provided the following addresses:

Hospital Bank Account
NDSL “Okhmatdyt” del Ministerio de Salud de Ucrania
Otras fuentes de ingresos propios (contribuciones caritativas)
SCS de Ucrania GUDKSU en Kiev
IBAN AU 808201720313211001302016859
KEKD 25020200
IMF 820172
Receiver code 01994089
Card Details: 5168745607327415 Rozborska SV

Transfers will be made in batches of 50.000 hryvnia (UAH), since that’s the daily limit currently imposed by the banking system of Ukraine.

And also trough Nazar’s Instagram stories

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