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Campaign to Assist Ukrainian Refugees to Emigrate to Argentina



The russian invasion has caused Europe’s largest refugee crisis since World War II, and the largest refugee crisis in the world in the 21st century.
The future of the free world needs all of us right now to prevent a massive human tragedy.

The refugee crisis is causing an overwhelming spike in local demand of basic resources and allocation facilities, which is only going to get worse as humanitarian corridors are arranged and more people flees Ukraine (“only” 6% of Ukraine’s population has fled the country by now).

Where to Emigrate

The website Ukraine Take Shelter is currently a hub for connecting volunteers with those in need of shelter, anywhere in the world, so it can be useful to get a temporary shelter before and after travelig.

You are absolutely more than welcome to contact us personally to coordinate the allocation of refugees, wether you are providing a shelter, or know someone who does.


  • Nazar Bodnarchouk, CĂłrdoba Capital, Argentina, currently volunteering in Poland.
  • Khrystyna Khudytska, Ukrainian (born and raised), emigrated to USA. Responsible of the organization and coordination of the fundraiser and management of funds. To contact her via other means please see her page here.
  • Lisandro Iaffar, CĂłrdoba Capital, Argentina.

Regarding emigration, the authors of this pages are currently living in the United States and Argentina, so we are able to provide reliable information only about the immigration policies of our respective countries.

We are currently devoting this page to the possibility of emigration to Argentina since the only requirement is to be Ukrainian (priority will be given to families, women and children in vulnerable situation).

It’s of course possible to emigrate to the United States but unless you have family members or an employer there to sponsor you and to accommodate you, possibilities are very limited and the approval process for a refugee status is lengthy. Please see this article on the subject for more information.

How to get a Visa to enter Argentina

The National Directorate for Migration of Argentina has made official, by the Decree N° 417/2022, the ability for any Argentinian Consulate or Embassy from the Argentinian Consular Network to concede an immigration visa under the special status of “temporary resident due to vulnerable humanitarian conditions” to be applied specifically to those former Ukrainian citizens affected by the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The only requirement is to demonstrate Ukrainian citizenship and refugee status. There are no costs regarding any of the involved procedures (like paperwork and immigration fees), due to the critical situation.
This special status of “temporary resident” will be granted for 3 years of permanence in Argentina, after which the beneficiary will be able to ask for a normal permanent residence.
You can see an article on the announcement here (in spanish) by the TĂ©lam news agency.

Ukrainian refugees in Poland can ask for this special type of visa in the Argentinian Embassy in Poland.

If needed, the Ukrainian Embassy in Argentina can be contacted for further assistance.

The Travel

By now there is no official assistance to the refugees to afford the flight tickets besides the sponsorship they my get from family contacts, specific donations, etc. So, contacts are still vital for this matter.

On Arrival

First of all, refugees must ALWAYS make sure to keep a network of contacts of great confidence, which they must keep updated at all times regarding their location, status, and the identity of whoever they are with. For their safety and proper monitoring of their status, they must be in permanent contact with official entities, like the Ukrainian Embassy.
Argentina is a land of truly benevolent people who will receive you with open arms and love. But, as anywhere in the world, there are sadly those sporadic exceptions of malicious people who will try to take advantage of the vulnerable condition of others by any possible means. With all certainty, that kind of people will try to exploit the vulnerability of the refugees, even the children. To avoid scams, refugees must keep strict contact with trusted contacts and official entities, and double check information with trusted sources.

That said, on arrival, the one thing refugees will be worried about are food and shelter. The best tree sources to seek help from, in order of importance, are:

What’s next?

That’s all of what’s officially available by now.
New resolutions from our countries are coming out every day, so we will be updating this page with new information as soon as it becomes available.
There has been announcements on the intention of providing a more complete assistance, which we are following with attention, but there is nothing concrete as far as now.

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